The name of the group shall be The Coastside Women’s Club (CWC) a California Corporation.


The main purpose of the club is to provide social, charitable and educational activities for women of the San Mateo County Coastside.


Section 1. Membership

a. Membership in this Club shall be open to any woman resident of the San Mateo County Coastside.

b. Members moving from the Coastside area who wish to retain membership may do so by payment of annual dues.

c. Upon the death of a member, twenty-five ($25) dollars will be donated in memory of the deceased in accordance with the wishes of the member or her family.

Section 2. Dues

a. Dues are forty ($40) dollars annually. Dues are payable beginning May 1st and are delinquent after July 15th, at which time a five ($5) dollar reinstatement fee will be incurred.

b. A five ($5) dollar application fee will be charged new members.

c. Dues received from new members joining after January 1 will be 50% of the yearly dues amount.  

d. Members resigning or moving in mid-year will not receive a prorated refund.

e.  Up to 20 women who are not Coastside residents may be non-voting members of the CWC after Board approval of their application.  They will pay the same dues as resident members.



Section 1.  Conflict of Interest

a. CWC members and their immediate family members (including children, siblings, grandchildren) are not eligible for scholarship awards.

b. CWC members who are employed by or receive financial considerations from a local charitable organization may not serve on the scholarships and charities committee if their organization is under consideration for the receipt of CWC funds.  If a member of the Board of Directors is employed by or receives financial considerations from a charity being considered for funding, the board member shall disclose this conflict of interest and abstain from the discussions and votes to approve grant awards.



Section 1.  Non-Discrimination

a. With the exception of limiting membership to women, the CWC does not discriminate in the award of scholarships and in all other activities on the basis of gender, sexual orientation,  national origin, race, color, age, religious creed, marital status, or disability.



Section 1. Officers

a. The elected officers of the Board shall consist of a President, Vice President (VP) Program, VP Membership, VP Fundraising, VP Scholarships and Charities, Treasurer, Recording Secretary, Parliamentarian, Newsletter Editor, Webmaster, Activities Chair, Hospitality Chair, Director of Communications, and Immediate Past President.

b. Elected officers will serve a term of one year from June 1st to May 31st.

Section 2.  Duties and Job Descriptions

a. President of the Club is Chairman of the Board and shall:

1) Preside at all meetings.

2) Appoint committees and chairs as necessary. The President may attend committee meetings at her discretion.

3) Arrange for an audit of the Treasurer’s Books before turning them over to the incoming Treasurer in June.

4) Send out an agenda 1 week prior to each Board Meeting.


b. VP Program shall: 

1) Act as President Pro-Tempore and preside at all meetings in the absence of the President and succeed to the office of president if needed.

2) Schedule and coordinate a minimum of four General Meetings during the club year. 

3) Maintain and oversee the Club’s calendar to reflect all General Meetings, Special Interest Group Functions, Special Club Events, Activities, and Board Meetings.

4) Ensure that all the above information is provided to the club webmaster and newsletter editor.



c. VP of Membership shall:

1) Act as President Pro-Tempore and preside at all meetings in the absence of the President and the VP of Program. 

2) Maintain an up-to-date membership list and inform appropriate people of any changes.

3) Revise and prepare the Membership Directory to be ready for distribution at the September General Meeting.

4)  Coodinate a minimum of two socials.


d) VP Fund Raising shall: 

1) Establish a fund-raising committee. 

2) Serve as Chair of all Fund Raising Activities and present the plans for such activities to the Board for approval.


e. VP Scholarships and Charities shall: 

Establish and serve as Chair of the Scholarships and Charities Committee.  In November, the Committee will request from the Board the amount of funds available for the annual charity donation and high school seniors scholarships.  The Committee decides fund allocation between scholarships and charities with Board approval.



1) In February, the Committee will present to the Board for approval the criteria used to evaluate organizations to receive a CWC donation with a recommended list of charities that meet these criteria.

2) The Board approved list will be presented to the general membership for approval at the March General Meeting.

3) The charities receiving a donation will be invited to attend the May General Meeting where the donations will be presented.



1) In November, the Committee will present to the Board for approval the list of criteria used by the Committee to select the senior high school scholarship recipients.  Following approval, the chair shall complete and send to the Guidance Department the Half Moon Bay High School Scholarship plan form outlining the number, amount of the scholarships. and the CWC scholarship criteria.

2) In March, prior to Committee interviews, the qualifications of potential scholarship recipients (who have been selected by the Guidance Department) are reviewed.  Interviews are held and selections are made based on Board approved CWC criteria.

3) The scholarship recipients will receive notice of their awards at the Half Moon Bay High School Awards event.  The funds will be distributed following receipt of a certified registration in an accredited college or university.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

f. Treasurer shall:

1) Handle the club funds, receive and disburse authorized funds and keep an account of same.

2) Plan the Budget with the President, Membership VP, Fundraising VP and Scholarships and Charities VP. Then, present the budget to the Board for approval prior to presenting the budget at the September General Meeting for general membership approval.  

3) Submit a written financial report to the Club at each Board Meeting. 

4) Submit an annual report on spending for the past fiscal year, June 1 – May 31.

5) Prepare Treasurer’s books for annual audit.

6) File, or cause to have filed, all Federal and State government forms as required by law in a timely fashion


g) Recording Secretary shall:

1) Take minutes of all Board Meetings to be reviewed and accepted by the Board. 

2) Take minutes of General Meetings and forward summaries to the newsletter editor.

3) Send out minutes of Board Meetings at least one week prior to the next Board Meeting.


h. Parliamentarian shall:

1) Establish and chair the Bylaws Committee.

2) Call the First Meeting of the Nominating Committee and act as Chair Pro-Tempore until a Chair is elected.

3) Review the Bylaws annually and update as necessary with the advice and consent of the Board and the general membership.


i. Newsletter Editor shall prepare and distribute the monthly newsletter online, and mail printed copies to members who so request. 


j. Technical Director shall work collaboratively with the CWC Board, assessing requirements and providing a website that will fill the needs of the CWC.


k. Activities  Chair shall organize and conduct series of social, educational, and cultural activities for the club.


l.  Hospitality Chair shall: 

1) Coordinate with the VP of Program to assess what refreshments, luncheon, or party planning is needed. 

2) Appoint a committee to assist with logistical arrangements for each event as needed.


m.  Director of Communications shall be responsible for publicizing the club in the community, serve as the primary liaison with the Chamber of Commerce, prepare press releases concerning club activities, and develop advertising and “branding” materials for the club.


n. Board Manual

The purpose of the Board Manual is to identify more detailed responsibilities and duties associated with each Board Position.  It will be maintained online by the Parliamentarian. Board Members will provide ongoing updates.  Each Board member will review her job description and responsibilities with the incoming board member taking over that position.



Section 1. Club Functions

a.  A Board Meeting shall be held once per month, between August and May.

b. The Incoming President will hold a Planning Meeting in July for the Board and committee chairs.

c. There will be at least four General Meetings each year scheduled by the President and VP Program.  At the discretion of the Board, a scheduled social event may include Club business and be considered a General Meeting.

Section 2. Guests

a. Members are entitled to bring a guest to Club functions.

b. Guests may attend two activities per year.   If continued participation is desired annual dues must be paid.



Section 1. Voting Members

Voting members of the Board shall consist of the elected officers and the immediate Past President.

Section 2. Quorum

a. A majority of Board members constitutes a quorum.

b. In absence of a quorum at a board meeting, no formal action shall be taken except to postpone the vote to a subsequent meeting when there is a quorum.

c. Passage of a motion requires a simple majority (ie, one more than half the members present).

d. One vote per board member regardless of the number of positions held. Any Board position shared by two members will entitle each member to 1/2 vote when both people are present.  If a position is shared and only one of the members is present, that member has a whole vote.

e. If a member cannot be present at a board  meeting, she is entitled to send her proxy vote to the President.



Section 1.  Appointment of Committee

The Nominating Committee shall be appointed by the Parliamentarian in November. It shall be composed of two Board members and three members chosen from the membership-at-large. They will prepare a slate of officers to be presented to the Board at the February Board Meeting and to the membership for election at the next General Meeting in March.

Section 2.  Additional Nominations

At the March General Meeting additional nominations may be made from the floor.

Section 3.  Membership Notification

The membership will be advised of the Committee's selection by publication of the nominated slate of officers in the March issue of the newsletter.

Section 4.  Installation
Installation of new officers will take place at the May General Meeting.



These Bylaws may be accepted, altered, or amended by a majority vote of Board members present at any Board Meeting, provided a quorum is present and a copy of the proposed amendment(s) are provided to each Board member at least one week prior to said meeting.   This must be followed by the amendments being presented at a General Meeting and approved by a majority vote of the members or member proxies present.



The fiscal year of the Club shall begin on the first day of June and end on the last day of May in each year.



This Corporation is not organized for profit, and upon dissolution of this Corporation, after paying its debts, shall distribute any remaining assets to a nonprofit fund as designated by the B